Hearing Services

Jen_professional_photo_001We offer the latest technology in digital hearing instruments, capable of being programmed to meet most any hearing loss, and provide hearing improvements far beyond the capabilities of hearing aids of just a couple years ago.

We are licensed hearing instrument specialists and as such are trained to evaluate your hearing needs and develop a plan for improving your hearing.  We want to let you hear the sounds of life that mean the most to you and your family.

Dr Bennion is also licensed as a hearing aid dispenser.  In 1980 he founded Maple Valley Hearing Aids, a partner with Maple Valley Vision Clinic.

Jennifer Bennett (Dr Bennion’s daughter) is now a licensed Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist.  She has joined us and has now become an expert in finding the right hearing solution for your needs.  She has amazing skills.   With our partnership between vision and hearing we can offer lower prices on hearing aids because of our shared overhead.  Come in and see us for a hearing test and a trial with one of today’s advanced computerized hearing instruments.


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